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What ages does the Center for CBT do testing for learning disorders and difficulties in school?

  • Ages 5-18

What is a psycho-educational evaluation? 

What are the benefits of getting a psycho-ed eval?

  • If your child is struggling in school and you don't know why (or you don't know what to do about it), a psycho-educational evaluation will help to figure out those answers. You may also hear these referred to as "psycho-ed evals."

  • A psycho-educational evaluation figures out these answers by measuring a student's cognitive processing abilities (i.e. memory, attention, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, executive functioning), their level of academic knowledge in individual subject areas (i.e. reading, writing, math), and assessing social, behavioral, and emotional functioning.

  • Having a psycho-educational evaluation allows families to obtain an accurate diagnosis and, even more importantly, get detailed recommendations about what to do to help your child.

  • Figure out why difficulties in school are happening

    • Psycho-ed evals determine the root of why a child is struggling in school and/or exhibiting behavioral, emotional, social, and academic difficulties.  

  • Identify your child's unique abilities and learning challenges

    • Our testing process gives you a deep understanding of your child's learning profile, including specific areas that need to be targeted through further intervention, as well as their unique strengths.  

  • Accurately diagnose Learning Disorders, ADHD, and psychological disorders

    • We will examine cognitive, academic, and behavioral/emotional strengths and weaknesses to determine whether your child has specific learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia), ADHD, and/or other psychological disorders. Additionally, we can provide evaluations for giftedness.

  • Obtain clear recommendations for school, home, and effective treatment

    • The results of the evaluation are provided in a thorough report that includes detailed information for the development of an effective treatment plan and evidence-based recommendations across both home and school settings.

    • If the results of the evaluation suggest that your child would benefit from either a 504 Plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP), we will provide clear, individualized, and evidence-based strategies that you can share with your child’s school team. 

What does a psycho-educational evaluation at the Center for CBT entail?

  • Evaluation appointments are typically scheduled over the course of two mornings (approximately 3 hours each morning). The evaluator will first gather detailed information from the child, their parents/guardians, and their teacher(s). Then, the evaluator will work one-one-on with the child to do some specific testing (which will feel and look like engaging activities for the kids/teens). 

  • Our assessment specialists are uniquely dedicated to making the evaluation process fun, upbeat, and rewarding for kids.  They will be provided with positive reinforcement and structure throughout every step of the process.  

  • Each assessment is tailored to the client, but a typical assessment includes: 

    1. In-depth clinical interviews with the child and parents

    2. Consultation with teachers

    3. IQ assessments (WISC-V)

    4. Academic achievement assessments (WIAT-4, WJ Achievement, KTEA-3) in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Additional areas may include: phonological processing, academic fluency, orthographic processing, and oral language skills.

    5. Neuro-psychological assessments (D-KEFS, NEPSY)

    6. Rating scales to assess social, emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning across settings (BASC-3, BRIEF-2, Conners-4). Parents and teachers will also be asked to complete these rating scales.

    7. A live behavioral observation in the school setting to assess the child’s engagement and off-task behaviors 

  • After the evaluation is completed, the evaluator will schedule a feedback session with the family to review results, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations.

  • From start to finish (intake to feedback session), our process is typically around 4 weeks, so you can get answers about your child quickly and be able to act on them right away.

Testing for Educational Difficulties

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