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What ages does the Center for CBT do testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

  • Ages 18 months - 18 years old

What are the benefits of getting an ASD evaluation?

  • Obtain an accurate diagnosis.

    • Autism can mimic or co-exist with other disorders. A thorough and systematic Autism evaluation is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis.

  • Identify your child's specific strengths and areas they may need extra support.

    • Our testing will provide you with a deep understanding of your child’s autism and how it may be impacting their life.

  • Receive specifically tailored recommendations.

    • Our Autism evaluations include highly personalized, collaborative, and strength-based recommendations that can be implemented at home and at school to improve quality of life.

    • If the results of the evaluation suggest that your child would benefit from either a 504 Plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP), we will provide clear, individualized, and evidence-based strategies that you can share with your child’s school team. 

What does an Autism evaluation at the Center for CBT entail?

  • Evaluation appointments are typically scheduled over the course of 2-4 morning appointments (approximately 2-3 hours each morning). The first appointment will be completed with the caregivers to gather detailed information about the child’s history, current functioning, and areas of concern. The evaluator will then work one-on-one with the child to complete specific testing.

  • Each assessment is tailored to the client, but will include the gold- standard Autism focused testing. A typical assessment may include:

    • Autism Diagnostic Interview- Revised (ADI-R)

    • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2)

    • Cognitive Based Testing (WPPSI-IV, WISC-V, or WAIS-IV)

    • Academic achievement assessments (WRAT-5)

    • Neuropsychological and executive functioning assessments (D-KEFS, NEPSY)

    • Rating scales to assess social, emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning across settings (ASRS, SCQ, SRS-2, BRIEF-2, Connors-4, MASC, CDI). Parents and teachers will also be asked to complete the rating scales 

  • ​Our assessment specialists are uniquely dedicated to making the evaluation process fun, upbeat, and rewarding for kids.  They will be provided with positive reinforcement and structure throughout every step of the process.  

  • After the evaluation is completed, the evaluator will schedule a feedback session with the family to review results, diagnoses, and recommendations.

Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder

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