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Current Openings

Licensed Psychologist and 2024-2025 Post-Doctoral Fellowship Openings:

If you’re a post-doc or clinical psychologist who genuinely loves doing therapy and is awesome (if you do say so yourself!) at delivering evidence-based treatments, please feel free to apply to join our team at the Center for  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Media, PA (Philadelphia suburbs).  


We have two priorities that underscore all of our work: never dread Mondays and do treatments that work extremely well.  As such, we each only do treatments that we truly love and are excellent at doing. Each of our psychologists gets the autonomy to determine what kind of work hours, treatments, and patients bring them the most joy so that their job can be a source of balance, happiness, and fulfillment.  We have found that having therapists who are happy, motivated, and highly skilled allows us to consistently deliver excellent patient outcomes and have fun along the way.  In turn, generous compensation allows all of our clinicians to work part-time if they choose (e.g. $140,000+ annually for working 25 hours/week as a licensed psychologist) and have plenty of time for all of the non-work joys that life has to offer. Those in our post-doctoral fellowship program have the opportunity to gain advanced training in PCIT, ERP, TF-CBT, PE, CPT, PMT, assessment (including ADHD and Autism), and, of course, various forms of CBT.   


We are a true work family. Our team meetings and interactions entail a lot of thoughtful consultation rooted in empirically supported ideas mixed in with some serious belly laughter.  If you think you might be a good fit to be on our team, please apply below and then email a cover letter and CV to 

Come Work With Us!

Thank you so much!

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