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Therapy for Kids and Teens

Treating children and adolescents through therapy is a great honor and responsibility, as it provides an early opportunity to make life-long changes by equipping kids with strategies that not only treat current difficulties, but also prevent future challenges.  Our licensed clinicians find that this is best done through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques that have been well-researched and shown, through randomized clinical trials, to be highly effective.  At the start of counseling, our clinicians meet with both the child and their caregivers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the youth's struggles and collaborate to identify clear treatment goals.  They then develop a treatment plan based on the most effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques available and continually track progress throughout treatment toward the goals that were established.  Very often, parents participate in treatment in order to learn skills and tools alongside their kids.  That way, at the end of treatment, the entire family is able to work together to maintain the progress long-term.

CBT for Children
Anxious child
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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